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Mando plAy challenge

So today we’re having an innovation day entitled ‘plAy’ at Mando Group . You can find out all about it on our company blog and a live feed of the day up on the plAy social media feed. —- lunchtime update —- I … Continue reading

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“The lost art of the sentence”

…this is a quote from Andrew Peterson during his interview with Randy Elrod at the Recreate Conference. Andrew is an amazing singer/songwriter and Founder of the Rabbit Room and quite the Artisan – he’s all about his craft. He was … Continue reading

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…there you go I’ve said it. I AM A CREATIVE! Might seem funny to hear a musician and web designer making a proclamation of this fact but the truth is I’ve never really been able to say it before.  That … Continue reading

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Recreate Conference

So last week I attended a gathering of creatives in Franklin, TN at a conference called Recreate. It was my first time there and a truly phenomenal experience. I was fortunate enough to be immersed in music, art, literature, theatre, … Continue reading

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Sunday 20th December 2009 – the day that changed marketing forever?

You may have already seen on the news that this year’s X-Factor winner’s single DID NOT make it to the Christmas No.1 spot in the charts, having been beaten to the prized position by the controversial Rage Against The Machine classic, ‘Killing … Continue reading

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New Years Resolution Update

…its not going particularly well but then it’s not bad either – just need to up my game a bit on the discipline elements (surprise surprise)….. Lose 1 stone in weight hmmm, maybe a pound or two at best – … Continue reading

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Web2.0-related music promotion leaves me weary…

Usability is everything in web applications and nothing brought this home to me more than my experience with Windows Live Spaces: Microsoft’s answer to Social networking is a massively important part of marketing and communication assisting with getting … Continue reading

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The power of words

I recently rediscovered this song I wrote once called Sailing – I’ve copied it below – it’s kind of about a God-given daydream. The bit that stood out for me is the line where i’ve written ‘creation from a voice’ … Continue reading

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Through Social Networking – I have an Eastern European fanbase!!!

..of, well one at least! Someone from the former Czech Republic checked out my songs on my myspace between 4am lastnight and 10am this morning! I know this because, after spending most of yesterday immersing myself in Web2.0, I put … Continue reading

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Self Realisation II

…I was a designer and artist before I was a musician, or project manager, or IT Anaylst, a business man or a leader or any of the great experiences and things that I’ve moved into.. I remembered that this week … Continue reading

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