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“Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you” How many times did you hear that growing up? It’s also in the bible (Matt 7:12) and I’ve done my level best to action it in life…. But…. In the … Continue reading

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Never waste a good trial

Recently I was knocked for six by a stomach bug that led to Gastritis and put me out of action for about 10 days.  I had a pretty transformational experience during this time. I prayed and felt clearly that healing … Continue reading

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Do less, tell stories. And all in good time embrace creativity, have faith, head the house, change perspective, be dad, lose plan b, ask for help. Delight. And wait…

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Another thing that really struck me about last month’s Recreate Conference was the collaboration between the musicians, speakers, artists, conference leaders but also, and particularly, the PA guys and tech crew. Everything and everyone worked in harmony to create a … Continue reading

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“The lost art of the sentence”

…this is a quote from Andrew Peterson during his interview with Randy Elrod at the Recreate Conference. Andrew is an amazing singer/songwriter and Founder of the Rabbit Room and quite the Artisan – he’s all about his craft. He was … Continue reading

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…there you go I’ve said it. I AM A CREATIVE! Might seem funny to hear a musician and web designer making a proclamation of this fact but the truth is I’ve never really been able to say it before.  That … Continue reading

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Sunday 20th December 2009 – the day that changed marketing forever?

You may have already seen on the news that this year’s X-Factor winner’s single DID NOT make it to the Christmas No.1 spot in the charts, having been beaten to the prized position by the controversial Rage Against The Machine classic, ‘Killing … Continue reading

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Best description of myspace ever….

I didn’t write this so am not responsible for the opinions (or the language) but it is an amazing insight into the nature of the worlds favourite social networking web site>>> Tila Tequila would know everyone in the whole world. … Continue reading

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Faust, Midas And Myself

Have a check of the song below – to give you the background, it’s by a band called switchfoot who are incredibly incredibly successful musicians, surfers, generally all time christian heroes who seem to be good at everything. For anyone, … Continue reading

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The power of words

I recently rediscovered this song I wrote once called Sailing – I’ve copied it below – it’s kind of about a God-given daydream. The bit that stood out for me is the line where i’ve written ‘creation from a voice’ … Continue reading

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