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“Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you” How many times did you hear that growing up? It’s also in the bible (Matt 7:12) and I’ve done my level best to action it in life…. But…. In the … Continue reading

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‘Teacher’ – my tribute to my dad

My dad died a couple of weeks back. The funeral was last Friday. It was a true celebration of his life. A few people have asked to have a copy of my speech so I thought I’d put it up … Continue reading

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Mountains and Valleys

Does this resonate with any one? When you start your walk in life you seem to quickly develop a concept of mountain top and valley experiences. With it comes an expectation that to make a success of being human it’s … Continue reading

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Do less, tell stories. And all in good time embrace creativity, have faith, head the house, change perspective, be dad, lose plan b, ask for help. Delight. And wait…

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Letting go and letting God

Had an interesting experience last night. Asher, our 15 month-old boy, started having croup at about 9.30pm. We rung the doctor but in parallel I just felt really strongly that I needed to pray and not just rely on medicine. … Continue reading

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Another thing that really struck me about last month’s Recreate Conference was the collaboration between the musicians, speakers, artists, conference leaders but also, and particularly, the PA guys and tech crew. Everything and everyone worked in harmony to create a … Continue reading

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“The lost art of the sentence”

…this is a quote from Andrew Peterson during his interview with Randy Elrod at the Recreate Conference. Andrew is an amazing singer/songwriter and Founder of the Rabbit Room and quite the Artisan – he’s all about his craft. He was … Continue reading

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…there you go I’ve said it. I AM A CREATIVE! Might seem funny to hear a musician and web designer making a proclamation of this fact but the truth is I’ve never really been able to say it before.  That … Continue reading

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Recreate Conference

So last week I attended a gathering of creatives in Franklin, TN at a conference called Recreate. It was my first time there and a truly phenomenal experience. I was fortunate enough to be immersed in music, art, literature, theatre, … Continue reading

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Summer update

So, conspicuous by their absense are Finchley gigs this year (apart from my good friends at Creation Fest who I love and will always want to work with). This is not for a want of opportunity it’s just that this … Continue reading

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