Never waste a good trial

Recently I was knocked for six by a stomach bug that led to Gastritis and put me out of action for about 10 days.  I had a pretty transformational experience during this time.

I prayed and felt clearly that healing wasn’t going to be instantaneous this time, but rather a process.  So, I set about trying to not waste a good trial and seeing what I could learn. I mulled on my body being a ‘temple’ (and how i hadn’t really been treating it that way for the last..erm…36 years!!!) and what I was going to do with the silver-lining that was losing almost a stone in those 10 days!

A concern was whether I’d be ok to run the Great North Run (in honour of my dad) after I’d been training for 6 months.  I read a couple of books on running (‘Born to Run‘ and ‘Eat and Run‘ and absorbed what I could about technique and food intake. Four things that really struck me while I considered what I was learning:

  1. Learning technique is so important.  Natural talent and/or just dogged determination get you so far but ultimately you need to be rounded if you want to improve.  One must be teachable and learn.
  2. Just how awful fizzy drinks and processed foods are – quick burst of fake energy then leave you feeling worse.   I had to cut them out anyway due to my stomach but even as I’m getting better I have no interest in them now.
  3. The ‘super foods’ you can get that just enhance you and help recovery: Berrys, Chia seeds and the like – I’ve just been augmenting my meals with them and really seeing results in recovery times
  4. How your head really does control the body. If your brain says “I’m a 13mile kinda guy” you will be! If it says “I’m a 20mile kinda guy” you will be!

Anyway, I put it all to the test once I was feeling better. In the last week since getting up from the sick bed I’ve got on with running again.  I’ve averaged a 10k per day and this morning I got up at 5.15am and did the full half marathon 20 minutes faster than I managed 2 months ago! Just amazing! I can’t quite believe the almost instantaneous nature of the turnaround.

So, anyway, I just thought I’d share as the learning is applicable in all areas of life – it’s never too late to think and be different, to reframe what’s happening and turn a negative into a positive.


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