Another thing that really struck me about last month’s Recreate Conference was the collaboration between the musicians, speakers, artists, conference leaders but also, and particularly, the PA guys and tech crew.

Everything and everyone worked in harmony to create a truly immersive experience.

A few highlights were:

  • the 1211 band leading worship straight after Communion.  They came in as the communion was finishing, all sat in a circle all facing inward and the rest of us (about 150) sat around them.  There was no sense of performers/audience – we were all in it together, looking at each other, singing along; interacting.  Plus it was SO VERY COOL seeing it all be led from the drums!
  • During the worship time one morning Brock Gill joined in and made a point about being filled with the spirit.  Being an illusionist he did this by arranging three bowls and filling them with water – nothing unusual in that but the bowls never got full and the jug he was using never emptied!  In context it was a very powerful way of describing the infinite, untapped blessings God has for us and we just need to be in a permanent state of being filled
  • The Andrew Peterson show where his various band members did mini gigs acoustically or stripped down and then the main event was a full-on multi-musician extravaganza.  Through each ‘movement’ the lights changed, the sound swelled and changed – the whole experience was multi-sensory.

In the latter days of the conference the CEO of Audio ethics, the tech crew spoke on his approach to his ministry/job.  He was properly into the science of light and sound and how it affects human emotions. He knows what level of light causes reverence, what causes chatter, how different hues and intensity effect mood and so on.  He works in sync with speakers, artists, musicians to make everything seamless.  His heart is to effectively communicate the word of God and he’s a master of craft fully understanding how best to facilitate communication – even as far as how different nationalities / cultures respond to different freq’s of sound and light.

I’m really inspired by this and want to work hard to support the cohesion of teams at church and make sure there’s never any sense of ‘them and us’ with regards the tech crew and musicians.  I want to get to a place where we’re really pushing things hard in video, light, sound as different specialist disciplines all working in unison.

I want to create an immersive experience every time we meet as a church…or for that matter every time I’m involved in anything – it’s so much more powerful.


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2 Responses to Immersion

  1. JohnG says:

    Good challenge Ian! Certainly think we have a long way to go maximising the positive impact of lighting to create relevant atmosphere. Need to pray in someone who really knows this stuff.

  2. Dave A says:

    This is inspiring. I would love to be able to talk in these terms to Andy K and the crew, to help draw them into the team and raise their game – I know Andy would be up for it. (I would also like to listen – for some of those guys it would be good to understand what it is that inspires them to serve, rather than taking this as a given and assuming we know or just taking them for granted…
    Thanks for your thoughts Ian.

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