so, no blogs since Feb….  I can, however, summarise my path as follows:

spiritual and physical

a father and a son

domestic and untamed

on the mountain and in the valley

in the office and in the ocean

logical and intuitive

rationale and instinctual

creative and technical

a blank page and a worked up plan

ordered and chaotic

minimal and extravagant

linear and non-linear

argumentive and contemplative

expansive and focused

dynamic and static

known and unknown

free and constrained

led and leading

given and received

relaxed and intense

hopeful and concerned

risky and safe

open and closed

noisy and silent

solo and relational

unassuming and evangelistic

pragmatic and OCD

detailed and high-level

inspired and frustrated

content and ambitious

in my head and discussed with everyone…

…and I’ve learned that everything is everything.

everything is connected

everything has importance

and it’s in the tension of keeping it all together in harmony…

that you find truth

where you find illumination

and how you know what next step to take


About finchleymusic

Businessman, Singer/songwriter, traveller, worship leader & mentor
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