THE LOVE EP: Four stripped back songs all about love – recorded in one atmospheric late night session with two great friends on piano and guitar respectively. All the proceeds from this 4 track ep are going to the Mando Group Foundation’s Haiti Appeal.

This EP has been released in a response to the humanitarian crisis faced by the people of Haiti. One hundred percent of the money received by me, Finchley, will go towards rebuilding that nation.

The EP itself is a collection of acoustic songs recorded in one late night session with me on guitar and vocals and my friends Greg Schofield and Shane Beales on guitar and piano respectively, all recorded by Chris Taylor at Rooftop studios. It was a session that was all about capturing the moment while we performed some simple songs about love and relationships – romantic, familial, spiritual or otherwise.

The project has been funded by an interesting source:

Like many musicians I work a day job as well and in my case I’m lucky enough to manage a Digital Agency – Mando Group. 2010 will see us officially launch the Mando Group Foundation, an arm of the business that will allow us to deliver a minimum of 10% of it’s profits to be donated to good causes. The company’s charitable foundation is managed by The Community Foundation for Merseyside and the first fund they will manage for us will be for the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) which is raising money for the victims of the recent tragedy in Haiti.

As an inaugural event to launch the foundation we laid down ‘The £100 Challenge’ where each of the company’s 45 staff have been handed £100 and challenged to grow that fund as much as they can.  All the proceeds raised will be added to the fund for the ..he Challenge will run throughout the first quarter of 2010 and the only rules are that the methods used to raise the cash must be legal, honest and decent!

So with my ‘£100 challenge’ I created a ‘legal, honest and decent’ music recording! – I pulled in some favours from my session musician and engineer friends mentioned above and managed to make this fully professional recording in a commercial studio and set up distribution courtesy of the team at CDBaby for the princely sum of £100! It’s my hope that this small sum spent can see £100’s or even £1000’s raised for the people of Haiti!


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