5 year plan update

Realised I was 2.5 year into my personal 5 year plan this week.

It’s caused some time for reflection and focus but generally speaking it’s remarkably on track – back in the summer of 2007 I wrote that by the summer of 2012 I wrote that I wanted:

To be a parent

After a fair while in the making our first, Asher, made his debut performance of 4th Jan this year and being a dad is just THE BEST experience in the world.  The boy is a legend 🙂

To refocus my MD role at Mando Group to allow more creativity and client interaction / consultancy.

We’ve been steadily growing a fantastic management team over the last couple of years to help share the operational tasks of the business and the benefits are really starting to show.  This is both in the individuals who are taking more responsibility but also in me – particularly the whole ‘awesomeness’ concept for the business plan (check the mando site in March for more info! 🙂 and the new R&D dept at Mando Group which have happened.  They are both positive signs that there’s a bit more headspace to look at the world differently and it’s sparking great stuff in me and others.

To set up and be running a surf / extreme sports business and have 3 bases /  locations of operation internationally.

After initially slow progress this finally gathered some momentum and took form soon after a 2 month sabbatical in early 2008 where we’d traveled to South America, New Zealand, Fiji and Japan.   By late 2008 we had set up ROAM (www.keep-roaming.com) and in early 2009 we cemented something real and a proper starting point in the acquisition of Point Breaks down in Devon (www.pointbreaks.com) .

I think it’s unlikely there’ll be 3 places by 2012 but there could easily be 2 and research being made on a 3rd…

Musically for me to be on my third album and touring internationally.

First album was solid and well respected and got good me gigs at festivals. Since then I’ve done an acoustic EP which I’m about to release as a way of raising money for Haiti  (watch this space)

The biggest change here is that at the beginning of 2009 through a series of circumstances I felt it was actually time to give up the striving for bigger and better gigs and just go back to having fun with music.  This decision has led to coaching and leading a small music group at a local church, a general release of creativity and songwriting and also a passionate embrace of the drums – got myself an electric kit and I’m learning as best I can and LOVING it in much the same way as I did at 16 when learning guitar

This rather flies in the face of releasing 3 albums and touring internationally but I must say I’m enjoying music more now than I’ve done for ages and so it’s a win / win for me. Also, interestingly 6 months into my downing of tools with regards performance and releasing records 2 people contacted me independantly out the blue and gave me free studio time and I’ve now got 6 demo’s of new songs which I’m passionate about.  I have no idea where this might end up but I’m really enjoying the creative process and am blessed to be free of any “what if this song went stella’ thought processes that could take the fun away and make it a striving thing again.

So all in all I’m not doing too bad.   Worth saying within all this there was a desire to get fit again and in the last 18month I went from no running at all to doing a 10k and then continuing the discipline thereafter which led to training for a triathlon and passing a lifeguard qualification!

yay for me 🙂


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Businessman, Singer/songwriter, traveller, worship leader & mentor
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1 Response to 5 year plan update

  1. Phil says:

    Always impressed by people who have a plan, let alone manage to achieve it!! Go Finch!

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