Summer update

So, conspicuous by their absense are Finchley gigs this year (apart from my good friends at Creation Fest who I love and will always want to work with).

This is not for a want of opportunity it’s just that this year’s circumstances didn’t seem to work out to this end and particularly things just didn’t ‘feel’ right in pushing the performance side of things.  I’ve been feeling more and more drawn into worship as my last blog said and I’ve got to say I’m loving it

Leading worship just seems the most natural, edifying thing I could possibly be doing and I feel like God’s using me in a unique way just where I’m at right now.  The All Hallows crew are great and we’re doing good things together when we meet and I’m increasingly involved at Frontline in different ways.

That said, it’s taking a little while to adjust – watching my peers like Dweeb, Superhero, the Gentlemen all doing great things and playing bigger shows does give me that niggle about whether taking this arguably big step back is the right thing but then I pick up the acoustic, lead worship for even 20 people and the sense of fulfillment and being in His will just washes away the doubt.

It’s my hope that this will increasingly impact my songwriting and I’m not saying I’ll never do gigs again, it’s just that life for the time being, this season, it’s not just about crafting music but all about doing that which I feel most called to and stepping up the spirit-led side of my playing and connectedness.  And, I guess, if I’m honest it’s going to be good to leave the competitive, striving side of music where your constantly after the next big gig rather than simply enjoying playing for God.

Talked to a wise friend the other day and he simply said ‘Learn Do Be’ – you’re now entering the ‘be’ phase of life and it can be more effective than the ‘do’ing phase if you’re up for it and are willing to surrender to God.

I think he’s right and I’m excited about the year ahead… will keep the journey journaled here


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