cuba pic

cuba pic
Originally uploaded by finchleymusic

this is a treated version of a picture I took in Cuba last year – mainly I’m looking into how flickr can publish to multiple places


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Businessman, Singer/songwriter, traveller, worship leader & mentor
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  1. aftab says:

    Hi IanStumbled across your business Mandogroup whilst browsing. Did u start out as web shed?I read your £20 blog which is very poinient to me. Having oreviously built a web design agency for 3 years, a rogue business partner brought it all crashing down and now i'm in the process of building back up again.if you have a couple of hours to spare I would love to treat you to a brew to pick your brains, and find out more about your business journey. Although i have built a reasonably successful business – i have much t learn and wish to avoid any further pitfalls.You can get me at – thanks and keep up th egood work.

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