Little Boxes

For this entire weekend and even today I’ve had the following song lines going round and round and round in my head:

‘little boxes, on the hillside
Little boxes, made of ticky tacky
Little boxes, on the hill side
Little boxes all the same’

My understanding is that it is the first few lines from a protest song written in the 50’s about all the new build housing estates that were going up all over the place.

The thing is I don’t know how I know this or where I first heard the song. Has any one else heard of it?

..actually, I’ve just googled the first line – turns out there’s almost 900 links to content surrounding the song so clearly it’s known by a lot of people. It seems there is quite a story behind it! – check the lyrics – at least knowing some more words might help give my brain a rest from the permanent loop of the first verse!…

…I started singing it on saturday and by sunday my wife was giving me that ‘seriously, I may have to kill you’ look that I receive from time to time – heaven help me if it’s still going round in my head tonight!

Does anyone else suffer from this-song-is-in-my-head-and-I-can’t-get-it-out-itis??? Comment below with your tune-related tales of woe>>


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