New Years Resolution Update

…its not going particularly well but then it’s not bad either – just need to up my game a bit on the discipline elements (surprise surprise)…..

Lose 1 stone in weight
hmmm, maybe a pound or two at best – I am getting a bit more discipline though – haven’t eaten cheese or chocolate for 40 days. My next challenge is to halve my caffeine intake. I’ve also exercised a bit more

Pray with my wife every day
This got off to a great start but we’ve been slack of late. We’re praying together pretty much weekly I’d say on average but it’s not enough if we want a dynamic relationship with God and to achieve all the things we’re planning

Launch new album and play summer festivals
I’m 9 tracks in ( 7 available at: ) with the rest pencilled for this month. and I have sent CD’s to all summer festival so here’s hoping / praying.

Do songwriting a least 2-3 hours a week
V.poor. must try harder – this is average out about this per month. I do feel like I’m being creative in the time I have which is nice but it’s a big risk not working at it regularly.

Refurbish the house and buy another
This is the massive thing we’re doing – every weekend for me, my wife’s on the case every day. When we finally move in I’m fairly certain the last thing we’ll want to do is sell it and buy another but we’ll see

Make myself redundant at work
This is going surprisingly well, in recent weeks my team of managers have all dealt well with Operational, Sales and HR matters without me or just getting my ok. The company is really starting to mature.


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Businessman, Singer/songwriter, traveller, worship leader & mentor
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