AuthenticMy blog on differentiation earlier this week has caused a fair amount of interesting discussion in the office so I thought I’d share the outcomes:

1.  It was generally considered that differentiation is not enough and is actually misleading as a focus.  The truth of the matter is that we must seek to be ‘authentic’ in all we do.

Being true to ourselves and transparent in our hopes, goals and interests will create differentiation in a far more dynamic and honest way than purely focusing on being ‘different’.

Difference for the sake of it could end up just being folly and therefore unsatisfactory – for example, one of the greatest differentiators for us can often, ironically, be an adherence to best practise and standards.

2.  A desire for innovation is also key to differentiation – being true to oneself, thinking ‘what if we just….’ Seeing an idea through is an extension to being authentic and can often yield small niche innovations that, over time, gain enough mass to become something extraordinary. The whole being greater than the sum of it’s parts.

To be truly authentic is our desire and also our commitment as a company.

Watch this space.


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