Quality time II

The other thing that I’ve noticed sadly is how, within my circle of friends, our parents are getting older.

They are getting ill, infirm, in some cases passing on.

My mum and dad are beautiful, awesome, loving people but it’s starting to sink in that they won’t always be around.

I must make time to be with them, I must.

the same applies for my sister and family. My nephew is 18 this year and I can’t believe, particularly, where the last decade has gone.

My twenties are now a bit of a blur of striving, ambition, travel, music, experience. I absolutely want to live large in my 30’s (and beyond) but I also want to stop a bit more along the way and savour the moment with the people I love.


About finchleymusic

Businessman, Singer/songwriter, traveller, worship leader & mentor
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