The power of words

I recently rediscovered this song I wrote once called Sailing – I’ve copied it below – it’s kind of about a God-given daydream.

The bit that stood out for me is the line where i’ve written ‘creation from a voice’ – while none of us are omnipotent, we do all have the power to create something from seemingly nothing – we have the power to shape our life and relationships by how we choose to speak to others and allow ourselves to be spoken to. A few well chosen words spoken at a time of need, joy, sorrow, whatever can either build or destroy to a greater or lesser degree depending on what you are aiming for – if you’re even thinking about it.

I can sometimes be quite throw-away with the things I say and then be incredibly serious about something else within a few seconds / minutes. This isn’t always helpful to others – even people that know me well. This year I’m going to be a bit more measured with how I communicate without, hopefully, losing a sense of fun and irony


Sailing, thoughts transcend the green, Find out what it means
Drifting, far above the tree
High above the mountain streams

Soaring, never been so high
The air is thin, I breathe you in
Floating, like a feather down
I stand ground, I gaze around

The journey’s here
On this narrow road
And you give me the confidence
To run with out the load
Yeah, a little break
And we flew away
And you showed me the works of faith
and creation from a voice
and I feel rested before the dawn
with the strength to carry on


About finchleymusic

Businessman, Singer/songwriter, traveller, worship leader & mentor
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