Through Social Networking – I have an Eastern European fanbase!!!

..of, well one at least! Someone from the former Czech Republic checked out my songs on my myspace between 4am lastnight and 10am this morning!

I know this because, after spending most of yesterday immersing myself in Web2.0, I put some tracking code from onto my page and invited other community users to come check it just before I eventually went to bed. Here is the result when I got up this morning:

23 users had come by and they were plotted all over the US but also in “Magyarorszag” the home state of Budapest! I also know that this visitor lives in a town called ‘Szeged’ not far from the Romanian border. I also know they live on a roundabout not far from a river!!

I know this and so does everyone else in the world who comes by my page! The world truly is becoming a small place – we are all becoming one big community and it fascinates me….I know, by name, people who have downloaded my songs and file-shared them over the southern states of America; last night I was messaged by a girl who thinks that Heaven is full so the Underworlde has taken over and she, as a modern day vampire now roams the earth judging all!!…..

…um….yeah – in her pic she had a blue face and green eyes too!…. anyway…

I was also messaged by a guy who gets so anxious at times he listens to my songs to make himself feel peaceful. Knowing that my music has that effect is priceless and I would never have known if not for this social networking revolution nor would he have had my songs.

Social networking is so powerful – I believe it’s changing us all culturally as well. Brits are renowned for their stiff upper lip and gritty attitude but as the world is opening up to one another online I can see people becoming more open, more in touch with their emotions and with an increased ability to share them. Particularly the younger generation – late teens / early twenties – there is a different vibe about them – they seem more open, more interested, more diverse, more connected than my peer group.

I think there’s going to be a whole generation of of business people and social and cultural leaders who rise up and communicate in an utterly different way with none of the formality we have experienced. As an informal, open person and a musician I am utterly thrilled and I want to be part of making it a success


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Businessman, Singer/songwriter, traveller, worship leader & mentor
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1 Response to Through Social Networking – I have an Eastern European fanbase!!!

  1. San says:

    You are SO right, Mr Finch – and good job too as my business moves into social networking!

    I agree also that it’s contributing to a change in our cultural landscape. Cynics might suggest that the Y generation is a self-obsessed one, when actually I think it’s one more adept at sharing – whether that’s MP3s, YouTube clips and (God forbid) forwards, or information, ideas and emotions.

    Sorry that I’ve been so incommunicado lately – doing none of the above! I’ve been totally busy. But I’m rewarding myself with your blog and your ‘Celebrity Look-a-Likes!’ Quite worryingly you look like an awful lot of girls I fancy…


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