My Chemical Romance…

ok, so I’m not a teenager or an emo and I’m probably about 2 years behind all the cool kids….but!!!….

…….I LOVE THIS BAND! I’ve been playing their track ‘Helena’ for ages and I’ve finally got round to buying the whole album of which it’s from: “3 Cheers for Sweet Revenge”..

..and I love it!…I love it the same way I loved Nirvana’s Nevermind, the Black Album by Metallica, Superunknown by Soundgarden or more recently Absolution by Muse. All albums that I have obsessed over in the past, that I’ve learned to play, that I’ve thought ‘if only I’d written that song’ at least twice.

It’s got me excited about rock music again. After all the lo-fi, choppy chorded rubbish of the last few years and then resurgence of 80’s metal which I just hate here is record that’s hard, aggressive, intense and noisy but full of emotion, a record that has some absolutely blistering virtuoso performances on it but all the time keeps the focus on the song.

Even as my musical direction is changing from the rock thing to something more singer/songwritery, more subtle perhaps I still find that I can learn so much from this record and I love that – It’s truly inspiring when I can be really into something as a ‘fan’ as well as musician – it’s a rare thing.


A wiki’ entry can be found here:


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