Casino Royale…

I saw the New James Bond flick last night…

oh….my….gosh – it melted my face and made my ass fall out! I was so hyped when I left the cinema I felt like running round in circles screaming (you know like when you get a puppy and they don’t know what to do with themselves so they just round in circles – it was like that!)

MIND BLOWINGLY GOOD!! Not just the best Bond film ever.. one of the greatest films ever – loads of unique ways of doing stunts, snappy dialogue and all the character of the original without any of the cheese or cliches…

I LOVE IT ! can you feel that?

…plus the sound track was done by Chris Cornell – my favourite singer ever!! -total icing on the cake!


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1 Response to Casino Royale…

  1. Mike Deal - Broeknrule Records says:

    I agree, this is actually a great film, I wasn’t really looking forward to it. I find Bond films are like the Grand Prix, beginning and end are exciting but the rest just goes round in circles

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