Mental Tuesday

Today, I was too busy. I just went from one meeting* to another without any time to reflect on the previous one. It was all good, don’t get me wrong, each meeting was worthwhile and had good action points but, nonetheless, it felt like a rollercoaster……It was kind of made worse by the fact that yesterday I had 3(!) meetings cancelled and could have rearranged my whole day to really focus on the next few weeks ahead and plow through some strategic stuff. But, instead I just seemed to potter my way through a few worthy but unimportant tasks and then leave slightly annoyed at myself knowing I’d regret it the next day……and I did. In reality, not a whole lot would have changed but I’d have felt more on top of it.

*…and one of those meetings I ended up sharing half my sandwich with another colleague who had also missed lunch – we were both tucking into the ‘sandwich of heaven’** while listening to other’s speak at about 3pm

**olive ciabatta, olive oil, turkey, emantael (not sure of the spelling)cheese, bacon, cranberry sauce, letuce, tomato, cucumber and ground pepper…… oh my….its TOOO GOOD (it was a real show of love to my work pal to share this thing of beauty and delight)

Anyways… it was a good day overall, and I managed to catch up by 7pm at which point I did a spot of myspacing to unwind for 5mins and found that 50 people had added me as a ‘friend’ – it kind of weirded me out – there’s normally about 3 requests but it seemed fitting in the context of my frantic day. I gave a colleague a lift home and he said it had been a mad day and when I got home my wife said the same thing so maybe I’ll just christen the 14th November 2006 as ‘Mental Tuesday.’


Tonight’s been fun – hooked up with a couple of buddies and we played music together, rehearsing songs for my new album – it was great, super chilled, we were in ‘flow’ (see previous blog :-), songs just came together effortlessly and we were generally loving it.

So, now I write, at the end of the day realising that balance has been restored and I can sleep peacefully looking forward to what wednesday may bring…


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